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18th February 2013

Photoset with 205 notes

At very least we got the “spit swapping” part covered.

[OOC Note:] Well, this was hard, and it’s missing one image since I couldn’t manage to get it look like I wanted so I left it off and didn’t bother to ink the rest of it since it wouldn’t have worked without the missing one, but I figured at least answering the ask was needed, and the only finished panel does that, the rest of them can be just additional.

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    Last reference reblog—- this one really sealed the deal for me with these two. OTP forever.
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    tbh, it was this post that did me in. that second to last picture sealed the deal for this ship for me. when I saw that...
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    That last one had me cracking up. Oh, I love this artist. XD
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